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Karasumi Australia Pty Ltd, which trades as Beach Gold Seafood Products, is a family owned and operated company. Karasumi Australia specialises in sun-dried mullet roe, most commonly known as ‘bottarga’. In Japanese, bottarga is known as ‘karasumi’, in Greek it is known as ‘avgotaraho’, in French it is known as ‘boutarque’ and in Arabic it is known as ‘batarekh’.

Bottarga, often thought of as the ‘Caviar of the Mediterranean’, has been considered a delicacy since the Pharaoh era of Ancient Egypt and was deemed to be an important element of the Ancient Greek diet. The ingredients in bottarga are quite simple; it consists of the highest quality mullet roe and sea salt. Most importantly though, the secret behind creating exceptional bottarga is patience and a high level of skill.

We, Jim (Demetri) Flourentzou and Demetri Demetriou, are the owners and of Karasumi Australia and are first cousins. We and our families migrated to Australia from Cyprus as refugees in 1976, two years after the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974.

At Karasumi Australia, we start by sourcing and selecting premium quality Australian mullet roe. We then naturally sundry the product in an enclosed area and use traditional techniques, passed down to us by Greek elders, to create a product with a well-rounded, traditional bottarga flavour. We also pay close attention to health and safety procedures to ensure a superior product is produced each and every time.

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